Welcome to Colonel Bills Recruiting Office

We offer a large and comprehensive selection of, mainly historical, wargaming items. There are our own ranges - Depot Battalion &  Belt Fed Gaming,  a growing number of other ranges of figures, terrain and accessories that we retail from leading wargames companies; and of course our ever changing stock of pre loved and used items in all scales both painted and unpainted. Please feel free to browse and enjoy.......

Pre ordering for Collection at Shows

We encourage customers to pre order any of the items by offering a 10% discount for collection at a show. This can be achieved in several ways.

Our checkout offers the opportunity for UK customers to pre order, with the option of paying in advance if required. Of course all customers can also pre order by emailing (colonelbill@colonelbills.com) or telephoning (01833 627241)

we are currently accepting pre orders for the following shows:

DWG Open Day, Durham  10th June

Broadside, Sittingbourne  11th June

Phalanx, St Helens  17th June

Valhalla, Farnborough  18th June

Battlegroup South  1st/2nd July


Full listings of our forthcoming shows/events are on the Notice Board at our main website www.colonelbills.com

Used Figure Stock

All our used, or pre loved, figures are bought from wargamers or collectors who no longer require them. We check the figures and discard any that are damaged. We supply them with shields or other equipment where necessary and strip them back to bare metal if they have been badly painted or just undercoated. Generally we do not equip them with metal spears, pikes or javelins.

Please note that we put a lot of effort into sorting figures into packs that are suitable for both the wargamer and for us to sell - we DO NOT, under any circumstances break open packs to allow customers to 'cherry pick' figures - so please don't ask!!

We try very hard to get the correct identification as to manufacturer, range and troop type.  However sometimes we are left with only their previous General's word as to these facts, so if we get it wrong occasionally please be patient with us!

Our used painted stock is, of course, by a variety of artists. We try to take sufficient photographs for the customer to make an informed choice as to whether the painting and modelling conforms with their standards; and we always try to describe the items in an honest fashion - warts 'n' all!!!

Most of our used figure lots are individual and therefore you may sometimes find that, having successfully ordered a pack online, we have to refund your money as that particular pack has already been sold at a show, or by telephone order, and we have not yet had the time to remove it from sale online. This, unfortunately, is the nature of our business and we hope that you can understand this problem and accept it.

Flags of War

We just love the Flags of War range and consider it the best value for money. Unfortunately we do not sell it online. This is simply due to the vastness of the range and the problems that we would have maintaining the stock level for it. However we do sell it at shows and can offer our normal pre order discount on any of the FoW products - but please allow us enough time to get your required items in stock in case we need to order them ourselves!!


Any 4Ground pre orders are priced at 10% below our prices. We will honour any discounts that 4Ground offer when they group items together into sets/streets etc. Please give us enough time to obtain any items that we do not have in stock

Don't forget that much of our 'Depot Battalion' range was originally designed to compliment 4Grounds buildings and vehicles


UK: 10% of price of basket contents, minimum payment £3.50. All orders over £100 post free

EU: 15% of price of basket contents, minimum payment £5.00. All orders over £100 post free

Rest of the World: 25% of price of basket contents, minimum payment £8.50. All orders over £200 post free